It’s All About the Memes

On Facebook, the argument between religion and atheism has almost devolved into a never-ending meme war. I have a lot of Christian friends, so I see quite a few memes from “the other side”. Some are funny, some are clever, but most are cringe-worthy. The amount of grammatical and spelling errors alone makes me want to bring out my red pen and go to town.

Prepare to be entertained, irritated or maybe just mildly amused. I proudly present a random collection of anti-atheist memes. Enjoy!

Christian memes use a lot of photos of Richard Dawkins. He’s like Satan to them.

A friend of mine shared this with the caption “BATMAN’S A CHRISTIAN!1!!”

Absolutely, I do my best. Don’t know who that lady is, though.

I don’t know. Looks more like a lower case ‘t’ to me.

471 Is… Is this serious?

Yeah, because atheists are the ones that believe things magically happen.

Keeping religion out of government is not imposing atheism. Also, why is there a college guy on this?

Zero proof god exists, but faith is all the proof I need. – Religion

Not. Even. Close.

I kinda thought that was the entire point of Catholicism? I’m a happy atheist.

That is what one would say when they find something unbelievable.

Christianity: believing that rape, robbery, murder, torture, pedophilia, tax evasion, racketeering, theft, arson, embezzlement, drug distribution, kidnapping, lying, cheating, etc is just fine as long as you pray for forgiveness afterward because God is good. Amen.

Uh, no. Us dumbass atheists know that you can’t prove a negative.

Oh, I don’t know. We’re just lazy I guess.

I don’t know what a ‘persuposition’ is, but I’d keep it far away from my mouth too.

Just another atheist preacher. Nothing to see here, guys.

Rational: based on or in accordance with reason or logic. Fairy Tale: a children’s story about magical and imaginary beings and lands. Often includes talking animals, witches, and dragons.

North Korea isn’t a purely atheistic government. They practice Juche, which worships the deceased Kim Il Sung as god, Kim Jong Il as the son of god and I suppose Kim Jong Un is just some sort of baby-faced, chubby cherub or something.

Don’t worry, man. If you spend every date talking about god, they’ll stay far away from your bedroom.

Terrible, terrible Photoshop. Shame on you. Give me a crocoduck any day over this crap.

Extra points for using the word bourgeois.

I actually agree. Both are equally ridiculous.

Do religious people have a patent on making babies? Check your facts, champ.

Well. Yeah.

Maybe the latin confused you. It means “Out of many, one”. It’s a beautiful sentiment and was our nation’s de facto motto until 1956. It has nothing to do with beliefs.

Hitler’s word, the Pope’s word, historical evidence, etc. But we can all agree that Hitler actually existed. You know, unlike that other guy mentioned in this meme.

This was posted by an acquaintance of mine without any context whatsoever. I don’t know what the point is, but being transgender does not mean you can’t have valuable thoughts and opinions.

I’m intolerant of your inability to spell intolerance.

Says, “I’m Christian”, celebrates pagan holidays of Christmas and Easter.

Religion in a Nutshell: I was herding goats and accidentally invented a god that makes you cut off the tips of your penises.


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