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I say don’t pray for Paris, but it’s not a callous statement; it’s a pragmatic one. Prayer simply does not work because there is no god to hear. If there were a benevolent deity looking out for his creation, we wouldn’t need to reach out for help and comfort after a tragedy. A caring, loving god would prevent this sort of evil from happening in the first place. Time and time again, unfortunately, we see that this isn’t true.

I’m tired of senseless violence. I’m sick of religious fundamentalists killing people because they think their version of a non-existent god commands it. I hope to see an end, or at least a significant decline, in this type of behavior in my lifetime. I hope that people wake up to reality and begin to care for other people just because they recognize them as fellow human beings. We get one life on this earth and it shouldn’t be cut short. Life is precious.

The fact is that these terrorists, as usual, were Muslim. Islam is a problem, not just for Christians and atheists, but for the Muslim community as well. There are moderates and progressives within Islam that abhor violence, but the very fundamentals of Islam poison the well of human decency and inspire hatred and jihad. I don’t hate Muslims and I certainly don’t blame all Muslims. It is the religion of Islam I hate, never the people. I hate the religion and the ideas that it perpetuates.

Sam Harris says it best in his new book, Islam and the Future of Tolerance: A DialogueI just finished reading it last night and now the points seem even more poignant. I recommend it to anyone looking to learn more on the subject.


So again, don’t pray for Paris. It won’t do them any good. You can always donate money to one of the excellent organizations below. If you live in or near Paris, you can donate time, money, food or shelter. The hashtag #PorteOuverte is trending on Twitter, it means Open Door and invites people who have no place to go into their homes. Help your fellow humans in a time of tragedy and do good without god.




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