Pseudo-Scientist Calls Richard Dawkins Fake Scientist


In unsurprising news, creationist and reality-denier Ken Ham is upset by an interview Richard Dawkins did with Fareed Zakaria. Dawkins expressed incredulity over the fact that most Republican candidates still deny the fact of evolution. He gave most of them a bit of a pass, saying that they are probably just pandering to their religious base. Unfortunately, I believe he’s right about that. However, he called out Dr. Ben Carson in particular, since he is a surgeon and should understand the biology on which his modern medicine is based.

You can watch the interview below, to hear Dawkins in his own words:

He seems congenial and fair to me, even if he did call them ignorant at one point. They may take offense at the term, but it is possible to be educated and still ignorant of certain facts. Ken Ham had a different take on the interview. He went to his blog to rant about Dawkins “chiding a real scientist”.

Actually, by making such an ignorant and nonsensical statement, Dawkins is disproving his own accusation! Obviously, Dr. Carson didn’t need to believe in evolution to become a world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon with sophisticated skills at age 33, receive 67 honorary doctorate degrees, separate conjoined twins, become a member of the Alpha Honor Medical Society…

How does that impressive list line up with what Richard Dawkins has accomplished in this world?


Yes, Carson is an accomplished surgeon. But how exactly does that make Dawkins any less of a real scientist? I’d say Dawkins list of accomplishments, honors, and published materials stacks up quite nicely. The full list of publications by Richard Dawkins is too long to list here, but I encourage you to check for yourself. Many of Dawkins books are on my recommended reading list as well. I credit him with my late introduction to science, evolution and reality. Unlike Ken Ham, Dawkins actually has the scientific chops to back up what he says.

I remember a time when I was an ignorant, young homeschooler and had to attend an Answers in Genesis lecture at a local church for extra credit. That was my mom’s way of saying I had no choice. But at the time, I was happy to go. I listened to every word Ken Ham had to say and thought he was the most brilliant man in the world. Of course evolution was a lie! Ken Ham had just proved it to me. Right? I shook his hand afterward and complimented him like the idiot I was. I look back on that moment with embarrassment.

At the time, Ken Ham was advertising himself as Dr. Ken Ham. I see he has now dropped the title. That’s probably smart since, according to Wikipedia at least, he only has honorary doctorates from Christian universities. You’d think he would’ve learned not to argue with real scientists after having his ass handed to him by Bill Nye.

If you want to read Ken Ham’s full rant, you can visit his blog on Answers in Genesis. Unfortunately, they don’t allow comments. If you really want to let Ken Ham know what you think about real science, you can find him on Twitter – @aigkenham


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